Nude Swingers Blog

October 20, 2009

Welcome to my beautiful word of “Nude Swinging“. Well, it is very difficult to swing with your clothes on, isn’t it? I thought so. Well my friends, I am here to introduce to a very exotic lifestyle. Are you familiar with the “Swingers Lifestyle”? Damn, are you missing out. I have been in the lifestyle now about 9 years and I have made some incredible friends. Have you ever thought about you and your spouse swapping partners before? I can tell you, as lond as you are not a jealous kind of person, that swinging can be so much fun. Who the fuck wants to have sex with the same person all there life? Not me!! and I am not. My wife and I have a very close group of friends that we play with. I would like to invite you to my world for more insight on the “Lifestyle